Hi, I’m a Web & Graphic designer from Antwerp, Belgium.

I’m in love with everything that has to do with design, art and the web. I also recently started loving the art of handlettering. Except from design, I love cats, sushi and fashion. I’m dedicated to keep learning and evolving, and I'm really proud I coded this entire website!

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I design websites, logotypes and other things. You could also hire me for designing your company’s identity. Just see me as a person who wants to make the world a prettier place!

A Logo A Day

After reading an article on Smashing Magazine about people who design everyday, I wanted to challenge myself creatively, so I decided to start this little venture: create one logo for each day of the workweek. It's not easy to design a logo in a couple of hours, but it's supposed to be a fun exercise!

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Elite Hairstyling

I work for the web- and graphic design agency Desina Design, where I'm a designer/developer. This design I made for a hairdresser. The concept: fashion/beauty, so I decided to work with a fluo color, which really pops! I combined this concept with great photography and flat design. It's a onepager and it's live (not responsive)!

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Bvba Smits

For the design agency Desina Design I designed and coded this website, and also designed the logo. I really wanted to use some color for this company to make the otherwise very businessy subject (renovation) a little more attractive. The website is not responsive.

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E-sys400 Website

This company didn't have a website and that's why the client asked me to create a modern website to give more information about his product, services and company. It didn't get coded though, but it's still a possibility. I was really happy with the designs, so I added them here.

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Identity Desina

This is a project I finished in 2013. I worked with a talented developer who added the cool animations and transitions. It was really fun to work on this project, because it got a 'carte blanche'. I tried to keep it young and playful, without losing the identity of the company.

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My last assignment when I was in school, was to write a paper about userfriendly design for applications. We also had to redesign an existing app and an infographic to show our results. It was a real challenge, and I struggled with this infographic, but I'm glad I made the deadline!

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November Music Festival

In my last year at Artesis Hogeschool, we had the assignment of creating a branding identity for a festival. I got to work on the November Music Festival that takes place in the Netherlands. It was also celebrating it's twentieth birthday, so we integrated this into the logo.

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This project is a personal one, a side project if you will. I like working on personal stuff in my spare time to practice my photoshop and illustrator skills and it's fun to do. I experimented with different fonts, colors and fashion elements. Hope you like it!

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VZW Voedselteams

At school, we got the assignment to contact a VZW and ask them if we could help them out with the design of their communication. Because we were students, we could do this for free. My teammate and I chose VZW Voedselteams and decided to redo their logo and other communication.

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I post some of my work on dribbble, so check it out if you want to see my shots! Because of the dribbble community, I’ve learned so much and I’m happy to be a part of it! So don’t hesistate people, just click it.

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